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Combining Your Existing Cabinets and Furniture
With Our Signature Paint Finishes…
Results in a Stunning Transformation


At Nettie White Interiors, we transform your existing cabinets, furniture, and walls into beautiful works of art.

Using Nettie’s signature paint techniques and finishes, we can take any piece of furniture you own – whether it’s a unique find or an heirloom antique – and make it a stunning statement piece. Our dramatic kitchen transformations are renowned in the St. Louis area.

Take a look at some of the beautiful work we do.

Kitchen Cabinets


From Ordinary to Extraordinary

Transforming the ordinary to extraordinary makes our job so unique and rewarding. Whether your cabinets are cherry or oak, grainy, dated, faded, or tired, our skilled artisans can transform your existing kitchen cabinets into beautiful works of art.

We’ll help you through every stage of your remodel including adding granite or quartz, appliances, lighting, flooring, wall finishes, and more. By incorporating decorative details such as crown molding, corbels, or wainscoting, and bringing in glass, mesh, or wrought iron, we can convert a butler pantry or dated desk area into a functional, gorgeous furniture piece.

We customize each kitchen to meld with your taste, taking into consideration your home’s design and your lifestyle. Each project reflects you and your vision. If you don’t have a vision, we will surely help you find one!

Bookcases & Mantels


Beautiful Statement Pieces

We take your existing mantel and built-in bookcases and transform them into beautiful statement pieces.

Let us layer on a hand-applied finish, custom colored to complement your decor.

Whether you choose a rustic, French country, driftwood chic, Old World, traditional, or rich pecan finish, our artisans can bring your mantel or bookcase to life!



From Unremarkable to Unforgettable

We can turn an ordinary, six-panel, white door into much more than just an entryway.

With a rich espresso finish and hand-rubbed metallic glaze, that plain white door now completes the rest of the decor in the room.

Although our espresso finish is our most sought-after finish, our rich pecan wood also creates an unforgettable first impression at your front door.

Wall Finishes


From Bland to Grand

Nettie White Interiors started out 14 years ago applying custom wall finishes to homes, commercial buildings, salons, restaurants, and home furnishing and specialty stores.

Our timeless work is still on display throughout the St. Louis area, including in our own personal showroom – The Porch in Wildwood.

Come into The Porch in Wildwood to browse several stunning wall treatments available to you, or set up an appointment to discuss your own custom wall finish.



From Dull to Dynamic

Are your wood floors scratched, tired, or yellowed? Let us help you pick a custom-mixed stain to bring your dull wood floors to life.

Do you have an unappealing, skinny-plank wood floor? Come to The Porch and browse several options for transforming your existing skinny-plank floors into authentic, hand-distressed, custom-stained wide-plank floors that are timeless and beautiful.



The Perfect Finishing Touch

Old World, handcrafted beams are a wonderful way to add warmth, texture, and the perfect finishing touch to any room.

Come to our personal showroom, The Porch, and explore the possibilities of having our custom-built, hand-finished beams installed in your home.

Menu of Services

We are a full service design company.
We partner with general contractors and designers to fulfill your vision and all of your service needs.

We provide remodeling services, including, but not limited to:

Counter top replacement
Back splash installation
Enlarging islands
Under cabinet lighting
Soft close cabinetry
Sink and faucet replacement
Trim and other woodworking
Hood installation

Wall color selection
Fireplace mantels
Book Shelves (built-in or free-standing)
Flooring (existing or new, wood or tile)
Full accessorizing


Our Process


Nettie will discuss your project with you, analyze what you have to work with, and discuss what visions are possible for your dream space.


We work with you, our team of finishers and any required subs to carefully design your space.


This is when everything gets taken apart and put back together again in a more functional and soon to be beautiful manner.


The final application of paint and various glazes is then performed by members of our specially trained crew!

We can help you in any project


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